A Message

During these uncertain times, our greatest fear is that our way of life would be changed forever – that has already happened, and as a business we all must look forward to what we will do next. First, I would like to earnestly reach out as a friend and let you know I am open to talking about anything you might face, personally, financially, or spiritually. My contact is [email protected] and 832.808.6436. Second, I wanted to ensure you that your digital business goals will be taken care of despite the current difficulties.

If you wish to suspend service with us because your business was impacted, please use this form. There is 100% no judgment.

Operations | Meetings | Billing & Cancellation | Digital Strategy Suggestions

We are working virtually, on a business as usual approach taking only appropriate risks and deferring all migrations and upgrades until further notice. In addition to myself, [email protected] is a second point of contact when I am away from the office. Please allow non-emergency requests a 12 hour turnaround time.

Overages & Bandwidth
We are moving to an unlimited bandwidth model, to accommodate any increase in online activities. There will be no additional cost, and service speed will not be reduced.

All meetings which were previously face-to-face are now virtual, either through FaceTime or Skype. If there is a meeting scheduled, you will receive followup information; This can change and we will adjust our strategy as necessary.

If we have a current billing agreement set up with you there are two options available

  1. Continue our partnership – we will continue serving you in every capacity we can,
  2. Terminate our partnership – there will be no termination fee, your contract will be waived and we can assist you in migrating to the platform of your choice at a reduced hourly fee

If the agreement is not terminated, recurring billing will continue but we will not assess late fees, suspend service or otherwise cancel services. As a courtesy, please do let us know if you are no longer using our services so we can re-allocate our limited resources to other customers.

Your Digital Strategy
The shift in focus in many businesses will be from growth to resiliency & business continuance. ROI on advertising will decrease as attention shifts to a trusted source that has good intentions. More emphasis will need to be placed on solid visuals and site speed.

We know also, that users will be nearly 100% on laptop and mobile so that the ideal page size will be 1366 and 425 respectively. Site speed will need to increase as these mobile devices may be on a hotspot and/or not have office broadband connections.

General Wellness Objectives
Personal health and well-being should be your #1 priority. With a large percentage of business shifted online, the line between work and home will disappear, and your output during non-work hours should be kept at a minimum. Get enough exercise & downtime so that you can give customers your very best during the day.

In Closing
Nobody knows when things will feel normal again, but I have faith in the power of YOU, to dream dreams and carry on, no matter what challenges lie in store for us. Together, we will overcome any technical and public health adversity. Please let me know if I can help in any way – the hardest work is yet to come so let’s work together in this fight.

Kevin Yu | CSM, CSPO
Agile Mentors Community | SCRUM Alliance