Conscious Coding Checklist

Conscious coding involves a feedback loop that enables continual improvement while keeping things sane.

In agile, everything is time-boxed, so we can iterate using the template above. Without a time box, things just become a slog of to-dos, and nobody likes that.

Merely working as quickly as possible won’t make this process any better. The idea of conscious coding enables you to scale the effort from 2 weeks to 2 months to 2 years without the risk of burnout.

Don’t Lose Sight of the Goal.

Conscious coding isn’t just a status report, either. It’s a way of becoming dedicated to building in bursts and not a mad dash to get everything done at once.

Have Fun

It’s easy for code projects to become a grind, and that’s not the way things should be. I advocate surrendering to ‘flow’ and letting things deviate from time to time. Conscious coding encourages things like unplugging and mental health days. They’re necessary for developer happiness.

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